Make plans to come to see hundreds of firetrucks from August 10-14, 2016 at our warehouse located at 2618 Route 302, Middletown, NY 10941. Those dates are when the national level organization for fire truck and fire engine collectors (SPAAMFAA) will have a grand annual meeting with us, and members will bring with them their firetrucks to display.

2618 State Route 302 Middletown, NY 10941

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Valhalla historic musters

The original SPAAMFAA chapter of the Fairchester Hose Haulers held Annual Fire Engine Musters at the Kensico Dam Plaza in Valhalla, NY during the 1970's that were awesome. They lost the ability to have that site for their summer event, and the chapter died out without their venue. Our chapter is a new chapter of SPAAMFAA that has members in it that were part of the original Hose Haulers. We've named our new Chapter the Fairchester Hose Haulers of the Hudson Valley, in honor of that fine legacy chapter, and we have located at Andy Leider's warehouse in Middletown, New York.

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Kensico Dam Plaza

In 1978, Member Karen Peer, took these pictures from the top of the Kensico Dam Plaza in Valhalla, NY, looking down on the muster site of the original Fairchester Hose Haulers in Westchester County. The two people, standing together next to the water, are Charles and Josephine Colca, Karen’s parents, who brought her to the muster.

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Our Purpose

Bruce Zarzeski, the President of our chapter of SPAAMFAA, has been a lifelong member of SPAAMFAA and was a member of the original Fairchester Hose Haulers legacy organization. It was Bruce's inspiration that made us want to bring the spirit of the original organization into our new chapter and name our new chapter the Fairchester Hose Haulers of the Hudson Valley and invite all members of the legacy organization to become honorary members. Our purpose is the same as the original organization, to be a charitable organization that cherishes the history of fire fighting apparatus and the noble men who used that equipment to save lives and property in their communities.

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Gary’s Open House Truck Show

Andy Leider’s friend New York Court Officer Lou Rebecchi recently took Avery and Andy to an  invitation-only show of Gary Mahan’s collection of antique trucks, in several small warehouses in Basking Ridge, NJ. Gary keeps his warehouses small to keep costs low by avoiding the requirement to  install a sprinkler fire suppression system if the

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Picking Highlights for the 2016 Muster

Preparation is already underway for the August 2016 SPAAMFAA (Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America) national muster here at Andy Leider’s warehouse in Middletown. There’s a lot to do: with 250 firetrucks jammed closely together, there’s not enough room to walk around and appreciate them fully. To make

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What looks like a hood ornament on these American LaFrance pumpers from Andrew Leider’s collection in Pine Island, NY is actually an antique temperature gauge called a motometer. The early motometer was developed in the 1910s and is basically a simple thermometer with a tube which goes into the radiator and measures the radiator fluid.

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From the Collection: Two American LaFrance Trucks

These two American LaFrance pumpers from the mid-1930s are around 21 feet long, with pumps located behind the driver’s seat and gold leaf designs painted on their sides. One comes from Roanoke, Virginia and the other from Salisbury, MD. Both firetrucks have a motometer on the hood, an early and now-rare temperature gauge. The truck

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Pawtucket MA firetruck

Eldred, Pennsylvania

Andy Leider recently purchased the former Ethan Allen property in Eldred, Pennsylvania. He plans to open there a storage facility, restoration shop and museum for his collection. There is a post in the newspaper covering Eldred, The Bradford Era. Here is the link:


Sutphin Corporation

The Sutphin Corporation is still a family owned builder of fire apparatus. They have a great Facebook site if you want to see it  go to their site: .